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Community Cause

Families in Reidsville Facing Poverty and Homelessness

The sad truth is that North Carolina is on the brink of an epidemic of homelessness. Many communities throughout our state have seen increases in the total number of individuals suffering from chronic or lasting homelessness. Even more heartbreaking, children under the age of 18 represent nearly 25% of the homeless population of our state.

Providing Relief, Support, and Hope to Those in Need

Something needs to be done to reverse the growing homelessness trend in North Carolina, and as Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement, Dahlheimer Insurance is launching a relief campaign to assist local families.

Our goals during this campaign will be to provide direct support to families without a residence, to increase the number of low income housing options available for underprivileged families, and to encourage young people to stay in school so we can begin to reverse the generational cycles of poverty affecting far too many people in our community.

Unfortunately, there are thousands who need help, and we can’t hope to reach them all without your support.

Be Part of This Campaign

The best way for you to support this campaign is to help us share our message with other people in the community. When you invite a loved one, co-worker, or friend into Dahlheimer Insurance for a free insurance consultation, it will give us the chance to provide more information about this campaign. And for every person you invite, we will happily make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local program or initiative that offers assistance to underprivileged families in the area.

Help Us Make an Impact

This campaign is your chance to help make a lasting impact on the lives of people in the region who need a helping hand. Join us, and let’s work together to make our community better!


Duane Dahlheimer

Dahlheimer Insurance

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