Renters Insurance

Things to know about Renter’s Insurance

Most homeowners purchase homeowners’ insurance as a matter of course. It is most often mandated too as a condition of a securing a mortgage on the home in the first place. The need to protect your financial investment in personal belongings should be obvious. This means that it is not nearly as evident to many how many benefits there are in obtaining good renters’ insurance.

Why Renters Insurance?

The first thing to think about is the aforementioned protection of your personal investment. It is not for the protection of the building itself since you are a renter, but nonetheless there remains a considerable investment in personal property to safeguard.

The Benefits

The landlord is normally responsible for any injuries that will occur in a rental structure’s common areas, but not for accidents that might occur within your rental home. Without this coverage, a visitor’s slip and fall can sometimes mean a catastrophic legal event that can destroy your life in a heartbeat.
Then there is the epidemic of identity theft these days. One of the protections that is within many renters insurance coverage is the safeguarding from unauthorized transactions on your credit cards. A criminal with a computer can be quite effective in emptying out your accounts, often from the other side of the globe.
In addition, there are the many normal activities that can result in a myriad of unintended consequences that you are liable to address under the law. It makes perfect sense to purchase renters insurance to make yourself fully protected from these many things.


As a good steward of your finances you know that in order to increase your wealth over time, you need to first protect what you already own. Renters insurance can be the key in assuring this.

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